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New Tasks feature went missing in latest update (10.16.7)?

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What happened to Tasks early access in this latest update? I went to add some tasks to a note and the feature is totally gone.

Feeling a little gaslighted, I went to my notebook where I had not yet upgraded to confirm I had it to begin with and I did. So Tasks feature definitely disappeared for me during the latest update. 





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In Windows,  my normal triage is

  1. log out of app and back in again
  2. close system down,  then power back on
  3. unsinstall / restart / reinstall
  4. support!!
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20 hours ago, gazumped said:

The old "switch it all off,  and then back on again" - works... mostly...  😏

Yeah and I'm a techy so I should have thought of it. But sometimes when you're in it, you kind of 🥴!

Thanks again for the common sense reminder. 

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