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Tags for Tasks to implement GTD


Dear All, 


Can I kindly have the potential to add TAGS for tasks as well. This would be a game changer because it allows you to put TASKS on different lists (on computer, CALL ) coming from various projects. 


Pls include - game changer for GTD implementation. All with Evernote - no other app




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1 hour ago, Excited Evernote User said:

TASKS on different lists (on computer, CALL ) coming from various projects. 

I added my vote
Until this request gets implemented, we have to work with tags at the note level   
I'm able to generate the "different lists" using saved searches    
I use an individual note for each task 

I moved the discussion from the IOS forum to the General forum

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Would support this idea.

I'm a long-time user who implemented GTD methodology making a notebook for Next Actions, another for Projects, and so on.  For each next action I created a note and used tags for each context (computer, errands, phone, home, etc.).  Until the recent rework, I could sort my next actions notes by tag, which was useful, but the recent releases eliminated that feature in favor of a filtering process which doesn't allow me to see all the notes/next actions in order of the tag/contexts.

I would adopt tasks for next actions but can't tag them with the context at this point.  If I could use tasks as Next Actions and sort by tags, or even filter by tags, I'd be good.

A distinct concern from the loss of tag sorting is simply how much slower to execute my commands are the recent releases. The price of more uniformity across platforms has been high so far.


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Currently you can only tag the note in which a task is located.

All tasks need to have a „home“ note, but you can move the task from one note to another. Maybe this could help with your GTD setup.

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