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Evernote for iOS version 10.12 release notes

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Hi All,

Here are the release notes for Version 10.12:



  • Stability and performance improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where images would occasionally display blank when trying to edit them
  • Fixed an issue where cropping tool was placed too high, making it difficult to tap
  • Fixed an issue where sharing icon was not always displaying correctly in notebooks
  • Fixed an issue where signing out and back in would sometimes take longer than expected
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Weird, no problem with EN iOS.

I would try support on this. 

You can use the iOS tool (control center) to grab a screen video while you work in EN. It helped me to show support what I meant in another issue. Sometimes a dynamic screenshot is pretty convincing !

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There is something with this release, maybe an adaptation of the internal data structure.

Because iOS apps are only active while in use it probably takes a while to run its course. You can set the autolockscreen to never in iOS settings, display & brightness, and let the EN app open for a while.

Meanwhile usually when you open a note, and close it again, wait a little and try again, it unlocks.

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I'm facing some troubles with my app (iOS 10.12 version). After a while (about 15sec) it get stuck on the attached screen. I've tried reinstalling the app, but it dsnt work. What can it be? Is there a solution?


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Post-10.12 upgrade:

I’m also having issues with “View Only Mode” on notes I created in iOS and can’t edit in iOS. 
I’m also having issues across iOS, MacOS and Windows with constant duplicates. 

After many years with Evernote, I’m beyond frustrated with all the problems recently. Is there a similar app that others are hearing good things about?

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