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Keyboard Shortcut for Move Note not complete

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While I can activate the Keyboard Shortcut for Move Note, I cannot move the note.

What I mean is: You can activate the keyboard shortcut.  The Window pop up for you to select the Notebook you want to move to.  You can use arrow up/down to move to select the Notebook.  The problem is: You cannot select the Notebook.  Because you cannot select the Notebook, the Move button is not enable.  You cannot move the note.

Workaround?  You use your mouse to select the Notebook! 

Do you guys face this problem?  Or is it just me?  Is this a bug or feature?


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@TonyLim I also experienced that since 10.15, but it worked as would be expected in earlier versions.  I haven't updated to the new version released today, but I am really hoping they fixed this in 10.16

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I open a support ticket.  And this is their reply.  I don't think we are going to have a fixed when they call it a limited feature.  Not bug.


I wasn't sure if you are selecting notebooks by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard. If you are selecting a notebook by pressing "Enter" and the move button is grayed out, then I would like to inform you that I am able to recreate this. This is a limited feature in Evernote and we will not be able to move notes by pressing "Enter" on a notebook.

We will have to select the desired notebook by clicking the mouse to enable the move button. Please know that we can't move notes in a shared notebook, unless given permission by the owner or if we are the owner.

They call it a Keyboard Shortcut to Move Note.  But you need to use a Mouse.  What a joke!

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