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Sorry, we’re having some trouble loading Evernote Web.



"Sorry, we’re having some trouble loading Evernote Web." - Firefox

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Just wanted to see if V10 is still as bad as it was 6 months ago

6.25 works fine, it was a shame it was abandoned for V10 disaster version

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Since it is not a basic device restriction stopping you, I would simply ask support about what blocks the loading of the web client on your browser.

Must be something - I successfully loaded the web client yesterday on my Firefox ESR browser installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. Yes, it loaded on an nitty bitty 60€ ARM mini computer running a Debian Linux OS. It was not fast, it was not really responsive, but it worked and allowed me to exchange some files from here to there, and back. And I had some scripts grabbed in Code blocks in EN that found their way to the Raspi through the web client.

What does it prove for your case ? Nothing - unless it flows on good vibrations and stalls on bad ones.

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Thanks for this report. We are looking into this. Please try these steps to help isolate the issue.

  1. Go to https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action
  2. Toggle the option to  enable/disable  the version 10 + 
  3. Select Go to Notes

Please let us know if the same issue occurs with the Version 10 of Evernote Web disabled or enabled. Thanks. 

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