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Incredibly slow download speeds for the install DMG?

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Ok, so I've seen a thread on constant updates... and they wouldn't bother me, except for some reason downloads of the update DMG (Mac) seem to take an absolute age.


I'm looking at the latest one here (10.15.6) downloading and the speed has dropped to <10KB/sec. This is on a 100Mbit connection that has NO speed issues with anything else I've ever found - exactly the same thing happened when I went to 10.15.4, it took over 4 hours to pull in an approximately 150MB file.


Am I the only one with this issue? I don't see complaints on the board, but I can't see how this is an issue at my end - I'm not on any kind of VPN, straight connection through Virgin Media (UK), speedtest reporting over 100Mb/s, etc... 

Is there somewhere else to get these downloads aside from the Evernote servers?


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Maybe there are too many others having the same idea at the same time. Rel. 10.16 was announced today, including a long awaited feature. This would be one explanation why the server may be slow. EN is rolling out the release over 1 week, to avoid server congestion, but everybody who decides to download himself can do it right away.

Let it run, or try again in a few days.

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I’d like to say yeah that’s it, but I’ve been trying on and off to download - both from the website and using the auto-update functionality many times over the past couple of weeks. Every time it starts ok and within the first few Mb it slows down to this useless 10-20Kb speed range. Just seems to be generally awful, other sites and downloads are ok. 
Gonna let it run overnight and hopefully will be here by the morning, but come the next update, I’d put money on it doing the same thing again. 

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Can’t say for now, since I am iPad only for the week, but I downloaded all new releases for my Mac from the EN website. The DMGs were delivered within seconds, ok, on a high end MacBook Pro connected by ethernet to a Gigabit internet connection. It was far from saturating my router, but the download was fast.

No idea why it takes so long in your case.

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I ended up going for the 2nd most obvious choice and grabbed it from the AppStore. Came in from there like any other download so all sorted. Strange one though, and evidently not a common problem. Thanks for the replies!

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