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How to create a new "saved search" with version 10.15.6

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You don’t tell anything about the client you want to use.

In EN iOS it works like this: Open the search page. Enter a search, execute it. When the results show, hit on the 3 dots menu top right.

You find the option to save the search. 

Once a search has been saved, go to the saved searches section on the search page. Execute it, when the results show, 3 dots and select the option to add the saved search to the shortcuts.

Probably it is similar in the other clients.

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27 minutes ago, Christophe Gevrey said:

How can I save my search and add it to the shortcuts like with the Legacy app?

In Wundows: Do your search as normal. Below the title of "search results" there is blue text saying Save search. Click that and type in the name you want for the search. There is also a tick box to add it to the shortcuts

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