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Not able to integrate Evernote in Bitrix24.



After installing the marketplace app for Evenote, it taking again and again to the authorization see screenshot even after the successful authorization. On selecting the application it again ad again asks for authorization.

Kindly help, its urgent.


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Don’t know the integration and what it does. I am not aware EN is officially supporting this access - must not be, the API can be used by any developer.

Blind guessing: Depending on how the integration links to EN, it may be it is counted as a device. In this case if you already have 2 other devices registered EN won’t load.

You can go with any client to your account settings, devices and check. You can then unsync devices until there is only 1 left. If this is the problem, it should then connect.

Else buy a month of Premium. After your account status has upgraded (which may take a little until it is processed) you have access to support.

It could help as well with the upload limit - as Basic user you have only 60 MB/ month. But this should not block access, just adding new stuff when exceeded.

In general you should rethink running a mission critical service on a free account.

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I got following answer from the development team of the Integration App (MCArt-Support-Team)

It's german 🙂


Ja, richtig, im Moment funktioniert das Modul aufgrund von Fehlern nicht. Und wir sind dabei, es zu reparieren.
Wir schreiben Ihnen, wenn das Modul repariert ist.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Alexander Fomkin.


Hallo Herr Fomkin, 


danke Ihnen für die Rückmeldung. 


Das Modul funktioniert also momentan noch nicht? Sie arbeiten jetzt erst an der Fertigstellung? 


Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 

Moritz Lux


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@robvpp Could you explain your update with some more details? 🙂

1) Moved to Zapier. --> do you have a tutourial?

2) Upgraded to Pro --> you mean evernote pro? i'm still using evernote pro... how could i sync with bitrix24? is there a workflow...


Thanks a lot!

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Hi Moritz,

Yes, certainly.

Zapier: When I installed Evernote thru Bitrix24 Market(place), Bitrix24 wanted me to use mcart.ru for Integration/Payment. After having trouble with even trying to sign-up thru/with mcart.ru, I moved to Zapier. Note: You may have to have an Evernote Pro Account (I tried to get clarification on this, but I haven't heard back from Evernote)?

So, I believe this would be the proper thread...

Step 1) Verify the necessity to Upgrade to Evernote Pro. Since you already have Evernote Pro, this Step wouldn't be required.

Step 2) Join/Sign-up for Zapier. Verify the necessity to Upgrade higher than the Free Version? If you already have a Paid Zapier Plan, I assume this won't be necessary?

Step 3) Download Evernote in Bitrix24.

Step 4) Start integrating Evernote into Bitrix24 thru Zapier.

I think this should get you going? Note: I'm not a "Techie", so I use a Certified Bitrix24 Partner for all my Development. If you have one, you may want to start using them at this point? If you don't, but can do it yourself, Bravo...I envy you. If you don't have a Bitrix24 Partner, I'd recommend you use one.

I hope this helps?

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