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vim mode for editing notes



I'm super used to typing in vim with Insert, Command, and View modes.  It would be super useful to be able to type and edit my Evernote notes with at least Insert and Command modes.

I know there's the vim-evernote plugin, which leverages Geeknote, which I like... but often I want the full UX/UI of the Evernote desktop app AND the vim mode at the same time 😕

I am happy to see the new(er) Keyboard Shortcuts feature and am hoping the work done for that would allow Evernote developers to more easily implement a vi mode for editing notes.

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It would be greate to have complete vim support on notes editing. Will buy subscription at once.
Just image, you can navigate through the app and make notes without using mouse and don't looking for keyboards. Blind typing, vim - one love!

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