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Keyboard Shortcut for adding tasks to a note

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I'd really like to see a more extensive set of keyboard shortcuts.

A shortcut key for adding tasks to a note would be very helpful.

In fact a shortcut key for each of the Insert items would be great.


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I'd imagine that with rapidly developing software like v10 it's difficult to set up a definitive shortcut list until you have all the features more or less finalised.  Evernote will get around to it - meantime there's automation tools like AutoHotKey, Phrase Express and Zapier.

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On 6/20/2021 at 11:50 AM, richj said:

In fact a shortcut key for each of the Insert items would be great.

I was going to post this, but did a search first and found your post.

I would love to have the INSERT menu pop up with a keyboard shortcut then I can select with the up/down arrows. That would work for me. Same with the coloring of the fonts. I used to use CTRL+D in the older version a lot and it saved a lot of time.

Would be nice to have more editing keyboard shortcuts for font color, inserting etc.

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AFAIK EN is working on making the keyboard shortcuts customizable. I don’t know whether this means to customize all existing ones, or adding new shortcuts for functions not yet covered as well.

Maybe we just need to wait and see what gets released.

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