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Three Requests for New Tasks Feature



Hi guys.  Love the new Tasks feature!  Three things I hope will be integrated into the final roll-out:

  1. Nesting.  One thing I LOVE about the checklist feature is that subtasks can be easily nested and moved with the main task.  I hope this feature gets built into the Tasks feature.
  2. Date stamp.  One fantastic feature of Evernote in general that some other note taking apps don't have is date stamping the creation of the note.  I manually date stamp my tasks so I can consider their age, so it would be great if this valuable feature of Evernote (date stamping notes) can be parlayed into Task creation.
  3. Hyperlinks.  I've noticed any checklist items I currently have that include hyperlinks will have the hyperlinks dropped if I convert them to Tasks.  Many of my tasks include links, either externally or internal links, and I hope hyperlinks will be added to the final rollout of Tasks (or at least a notes field where a hyperlink can be added but maybe not directly shown)

Keep up the great work!

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