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Bring back defining a font as default for all notes, bring back more fonts



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This is in my opinion one of Evernote's worst flaws, and seems like it should be such an easy fix!
There are also fonts that you can access in some versions of Evernote and not in others! Infuriating!

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I completely agree that this should be a user setting.  Default size and type of font should be user selectable.

If for no other reason it could be a disability issue.  If someone has limited eyesight, shouldn't she be able to set a large default font?

Same for the "Note Width" option.

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The version that AFAIK still support a wide font choice are the legacy clients. They are old software, declared end of life by EN. Nothing infuriating - you can use them, anybody can. But they will stop to work one day, there are no fixes at all, and no new features will be implemented.

When you open one of these notes in the new version, it will show in one of the few fonts available. So legacy may work today, tomorrow and the day after. But you risk investing a lot of effort for a unknown but  period of time.

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This one issue is keeping me on OneNote.  Sigh.  I’ll continue to use EN for web clipping but that is it.  Everything I create will go in OneNote.  I don’t need 50 different fonts.  But I prefer to just a handwriting style sometimes (which in EN for iOS on iPad is hidden by the keyboard bar at the bottom of the screen so you can’t even select it) and whatever font I use 16 is far too small for me.  I can’t even change the default “Normal” to a size 20 font. 

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