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Open same note in multiple instances


This would be very helpful for long notes, when I need to cross reference other parts of the note, but don't want to have to keep scrolling back and forth between all the different parts.

Ex. OneNote has this very useful feature, which you can use by pressing "Ctrl+M".

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Don’t double post the same idea in several subforums.

The note is the basic element of EN. When the same note is open more than once, it produces syncing conflicts and duplicates.

Split your large notes into smaller ones, if you want linked by app links. You can open the smaller notes to work on them simultaneously, each one one time.

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Ok.  What is the best practice for logging a feature request for different platforms of Evernote?

I wanted to support another user's request for this feature on Evernote Mac, but I also wanted to request this feature for Evernote Windows, since I use both versions.  Should I just support the other user's request on Evernote Mac, and assume that it will be logged for Evernote Windows too? Or should I just request it for Evernote Windows, and assume that it will be logged as support for the request for Evernote Mac too?

I'd still like to request this feature because I use many tools that are able to do this without producing syncing conflicts and duplicates, like OneNote, Google Keep, Dynalist, etc.  So it seems like a solvable problem.

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