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Task jump to location in note, not merely to top of note.



I use Evernote for my archival and other research, and some of my notes can be quite long. I've tried embedding some tasks into the middle of notes. It would be extremely useful when clicking on a task from the sidebar, if it would open the note to the location of the task within the note, instead of just opening the note to the top. 

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EN is not good in handling long text notes. Long notes seem to tend to cause syncing problems as well.

A way to achieve shorter notes without loosing their connection is to break down long notes in several smaller ones. Use a link at the end of each note to jump to the next. You can create a table of content as well, to jump to any note in a group at will.

It is a small additional effort, but IMHO it makes things easier in working with the information.

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