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Best Android Hand Writing App?

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Get yourself an iPad - you won’t regret it.

Bought a Samsung Tablet because I didn’t want my mother (80+) to handle another OS. Reasonable in that case - but compared to my 4 year old iPad Pro 10.5 the new Samsung is a piece of cludge.

Handwriting apps do really work great on an iPad. I am using GoodNotes 5, others are with Noteshelf, Notability or Nebo. Nebo is licensing its engine to others, maybe a reason why many are performing so well.

Maybe the best package is the current iPad Air  4 with Pencil 2nd gen.

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And for the luddites amongst us - there are a couple of solutions that don't actually rely on a tablet as such...

  1. There's Rocketbook - a reusable handwritten notebook that uploads content to a variety of cloud services including Evernote and Dropbox. https://getrocketbook.co.uk/
  2. Or actual paper and pen - to be scanned later by Evernote.  Oxford Notes,  for example... https://www.my-oxford.com/gb-en/revolution
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