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Hi Jack, just do not drop it.

Having tasks in tables, EN could in may cases work as a simple replacement for apps like Trello or Meistertask. They do more, for sure, but often you do not need this overhead to run a little, lean project KanBan-style.

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Yep - and vice versa: You cannot embed tables inside other types of text (bulleted lists, other tables a.s.o.).
Looks like this (new) kind of text blocks are allowed only on top level of any nesting rules.
But I'm sure (hope for us all) that there will come up nesting possibilities like in Notion 😉

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Very excited about the new tasks feature, and already becoming to depend on it.

However I use a lot of tables to organize information from meetings, sessions etc. which give rise to tasks.

Unfortunately you cannot create a task within a table (alongside the notes/minutes that gave rise to it).

Would be great if tasks could be created within tables.

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29 minutes ago, MorganT said:

Just dropping in to say that the people really want tasks in tables.

This feature request has two user votes   
The vote button is at the top left corner of the discussion

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I have an issue in iOS. when I try to create task inside table in iOS it simply does not respond. I have personal templates for weekly and monthly planner, if i could use tasks inside it then it would be much more effective in scheduling. 

Voted for it.

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On this one, the wait is going to be a bit longer I'm afraid - quarters, not months. We certainly recognize the need for this feature, and it is on the roadmap, but it is not as simple to implement as it might seem on the surface.

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