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If I Can't Use Legacy, I Might As Well Switch to Joplin?

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The problem is, I want to use the Legacy version on my Android as well. I'm currently using the Legacy windows desktop version which is great because it's faster, simpler, and more reliable than current versions. 

The issue is I want the same to be true on my mobile device. I can do this simply by side loading through apk mirror an older version of Evernote but the Playstore wants to update it and I don't want to have to manually update my apps all the time. 

Is there a work around for this? 

I'm slowly realizing that Joplin may just be my ultimate path despite the lack of features. 

I used to be committed to Evernote until they tried to make their apps look more and more like modern junk with features that don't add value to anything. 

My questions: How long will desktop Legacy be available for the future and is there a work around to make sure that my Evernote android app does not update?

But, isn't it the case that if I am having to depend on "older" versions of this service just to rely on it for my workflow, that that means I should have jumped ship months ago, perhaps years ago? 


I'm already using OneNote for my work only notes since my company pays for a 365 subscription for all their employees. 

I would be interested in using either Evernote of Joplin for personal use only.

The new version 10 android app in Evernote is so slow that it is not useable for me. Loading times take 6+ seconds just to scan a document into my .Inbox for example. Whereas the legacy versions all take but -1 second. 


Pls Help.



Premium user since 2011. 

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1 hour ago, Matthew85 said:

Is there a work around for this? 

I switched Play Store updates for Evernote off.  All I had to do was find the Evernote app*,  click the three dots menu,  and de-select the auto-update.

EDIT: *that's the store version,  not the installed app

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44 minutes ago, gazumped said:

I switched Play Store updates for Evernote off.  All I had to do was find the Evernote app*,  click the three dots menu,  and de-select the auto-update.

EDIT: *that's the store version,  not the installed app

Mine asks me if I want to "enable" auto update. As if it already has auto update off. Which doesn't make sense because it auto updated and all my other apps auto update as well. 

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To be fair I disabled auto-update when the 'classic' 8.13 was still installed and also the only version on offer to my elderly Android.  IIRC there was a box with that option that was already ticked against the line that read "enable updates" - I just removed the tick.  If anyone else has stepped back from v10 maybe they'll chip in if there's another way....

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FInaly got round to trying out Joplin as a replacement for Legacy.


It's possible to run Joplin portable in a Verarypt volume  and the database is created in the volume as well. This solves the problem of having a local portable encrypted database.


No nested tags

No additional colums in the note list e.g date created ; date updated ; size etc

No  2nd window for side by side editing.

Draging  files into tables is a bit clunky compared to Evernote


So I am still looking for a local Evernote substitute.


Best Regards



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Well,  no-one should be telling you that you "can't" use Legacy,  because it's still there and will be for probably another year at least.  Granted it's not supported (except by the considerable experience and frequently doubtful humour of the Forums) and OS updates will likely cause it to fray around the edges at some stage,  depending on which one(s) you use.  But a year later there have been nearly 50 updates to the new v10,  and I'm finding it easy to use on a daily basis.  I do still use Legacy Windows from time to time,  mainly for backups;  and I'm stuck with Android in legacy until I upgrade the phone's OS.

Have you tried the latest v10.48?  Again depending on the OS, YMMV;  but you really should bow to the inevitable at some stage.  If you get stuck,  feel free to post here - we don't judge (not out loud,  anyway) and may be able to suggest ways around most roadblocks.

You may know that Evernote have just joined an Italian IT group which should accelerate development and open some new doors - you could be missing out if you leave now!  -Though to be fair it could also turn out to be a disaster for some users - who knows?  But like they say for the lotteries in the UK "you have to be in it to win it".

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30 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

In fact I cam not so sure about legacy any more. When they switch to a new syncing design, it will most likely mean a new note structure. And this won’t sync with legacy any more, sure about this.

Maybe it's possible to just extend the current note structure, not change it, in order to stay downwards compatible. For instance, the 'X' in XML stands for Extensible Mark Up Language which keeps XML documents compatible when there are new tags added.

Last week, evernote engineers themselves suggested me to switch to the legacy android client since they can't immediately solve the problem(s). So, this makes me think that legacy will be around for a while until the V10 client is stable and functional enough to fully replace it.

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