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(Archived) Integration with Google Apps through the marketplace

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We are a google apps school, that has a 1 to 1 program. Evernote is installed on every computer. It would great if I could use the student/teachers Google logon's for Evernote. Basically if Everynote could be integrated into the Google Apps marketplace it would benefit my school and likely many others.

Bjorn Behrendt

IT Coordinator

Mount St. Joseph

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Thanks for the feedback. We have looked into this in the past, and we are looking into a few solutions for groups like yours. This includes some group billing options for Premium accounts, and also accelerated account creation.

I don't think we'd ever just be a completely transparent "feature" within Google Apps ... I think that people need to create an Evernote account (with a username and password) in order to be able to access your memories from our mobile clients, and to be able to access them even if you wanted to cancel your Google account. I.e. we'd like to be able to make it a simple one-step process to make an Evernote account linked to Google Apps, but not to skip the "Evernote account" step completely.


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So have you done any more evaluation of this? I am a devoted Evernote user who is also a Google Apps user. It would be nice to use Evernote and Google for their individual strengths, with some interaction between them.

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I am an EN user and Google Apps user for many years. i use Windows & Ipad OS.

It would be nice if there was a little integration. Two things I am thinking.

1) an email with attachment - Button to save to Evernote. - we can email it but one click from any browser is better. a gmail-gadget

2) from within google docs - one click to "share to evernote"

if it could just be logged in and shared through google apps that would be great.

would be great app.

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I, too, would like to know where you are with Google Apps integration. We are a small business consulting firm with ~ 60 clients using Google Apps and Evernote. The clients tend to lean more heavily on Google Apps, largely because of the difficulty in sharing information quickly between the two systems. But Evernote facilitates things that Google Apps does not, and we would like to see these clients get more benefits from the power of both systems.

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