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Preference for not automatically linking



Every time I paste a URL into a note, it makes a URL link. I never, ever want that.

I know there is an option to "unlink" but it is time consuming.

Could you possibly create a Preferences option where I can choose to never link URLs?


Also I see this older thread:

where both the Ctrl+Shift+F9 and some kind of Format menu I don't see both don't work. 

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Hi.  I moved your post to the general feature requests section to allow other users to show their support.  Personally I don't see the point of recording a URL unless you are at some stage going to use it to navigate to that page,  but while a link has (usually) been created,  you're not required to use it.. and opting to create,  or not to create a link just adds one more step in the process.  Changing the behaviour is not likely to happen soon,  so I think you may have to accept the status quo or find an alternative way to deal with the issue.  

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It is like jacob_solbux said here:

"i want to be disable all hyperlinks.  I hate when they are created whenever I type a website. I dont want a hyperlink for the majority of websites I am typing in Evernote. I am creating notes and lists for myself and I am accidentally always hitting the hyperlinks thus opening pages to websites I dont wanna open or see.  Takes up time and memory and slows my progress and effectiveness of what I was trying to accomplish with Evernote."

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On 6/16/2021 at 7:04 PM, jively said:

Every time I paste a URL into a note, it makes a URL link. I never, ever want that.

In the Windows desktop version at least the link is initially plain text but when you then add any other character or press return it converts it into a link. However if you press any character and then immediately paste your link it is not recognised as a link so is not converted. The most obvious way of using this would simply be to put all links in brackets.

<open bracket><ctrl-V><close bracket>

Alternatively just put a character like underscore or period before pasting the link.

Simply removing the link is problematic as it's very easy for it to appear again.

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