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How do I intergrate Legacy version into new Version

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I started noticing information missing when doing a search of my Notebooks in my latest version of Evernote.  On my MAC laptop I have a Legacy version, an Evernote version, and an Evernote 2 version which is updated to the latest version.  When doing a search for a certain note in that latest version it did not have that note.  I went to the Legacy version where I did a search and it did have the note.  I have emptied trash in all, restarted my laptop, and made sure I had the latest version.  My next step is to export enex files to my Desktop so that I can uninstall and then reinstall.  I assume I need to do this from my Legacy version since all the info is there.  Since it's an old version it is time consuming clicking on each file.  Before going to all this trouble I just want to make sure I'm heading in the right direction.  Wondering if this might be a common problem and if there is an easier way to get all the info from my Legacy version into my most updated version.  Thank you

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Hi.  You seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill - while your many and various versions of Evernote may not agree on the presence or otherwise of this note,  they are all syncing with Evernote's servers.  If you want to check the note exists,  just sign in to Evernote.com via your browser. 

And use ONE Evernote version at a time to deal with your notes - don't swop between them,  otherwise differences in when each app syncs online are quite likely to mean you don't see exactly the same note in each app.

And what on earth is Evernote 2 anyway???

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The note that is missing was created months ago and it’s not the only one. I’ve found several and I’ve only scratched the service I believe. I’m assuming Evernote 2 is yet another download that I did have the prior Evernote overridden. I know I should get rid of the multiple programs but before I do I want to make sure I keep the most complete one. It seems the Legacy is working with the online web version but it’s not updating the newer programs. Like I said, the missing information was entered months ago. 

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2 hours ago, JDAA said:

I have a Legacy version, an Evernote version, and an Evernote 2 version which is updated to the latest version

Evernote currently has two products; Legacy and  v10   
Both products use a common datatabase on the Evernote servers

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9 hours ago, JDAA said:

want to make sure I keep the most complete one

The 'parent' database is the one stored on the server.  You can't 'keep' the copy databases stored on your device - they will be overwritten by the parent when you reinstall Evernote.  Check the server as I suggested before,  then uninstall everything except legacy and reinstall the new version.

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