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Bring back formatting in code blocks!

Jennifer R


I want to go back to the legacy version where I could edit my code blocks. It's extremely important for my note-taking during coding school - I need to be able to highlight or bold certain parts and also put the coding notes (which is separate from the code itself) in a separate color.  There is a reason why IDEs have code in multiple colors...it's extremely important when looking at code to be able to differentiate different elements. WHY WOULD EVERNOTE REMOVE THIS FUNCTION? It wasn't broken, so why "fix it"?

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The EN editor is quite at the heart of the redesign of RN for v10. It is build to allow the same formatting options independently from the platform on which it is running. It works on mobile as well as on a full desktop client, or on the web.

This simplicity has a trade off, which shows as reduced options. You can wish everything here, but I doubt you will get it.

If you want to have full formatting power in the foreseeable future, use a program that is build to support it. If I need to edit code, my choice (on the Mac) is the COTeditor.

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