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Are Evernote's local, cached copies of my data stored on my computer/phone in plain, readable text?




I do not store confidential data in Evernote--no passwords, etc. But I do have data that I'd rather wasn't in plain text for casual snoops to see. (Russia, NSA, Go for it!).

Question: Are Evernote's local databases and caches stored in plain text? Or are they at least minimally encrypted or obscured. (I'm not referring to the sadly now-broken text encryption feature, just regular text notes.)



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Personally, I encrypt my sensitive data before storing in Evernote   

Local note storage is optional; the master version of our data is stored on the servers in the cloud

On my Mac   
- Attachments like pdfs are stored in OS file folders, with the extension removed    
  A separate folder for each note   
- Note text is stored in plain text, combined in a sigle file .sql file

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It depends what you mean by encryption on your device. Each OS is a bit different in handling this.

Desktop: You can apply disk encryption to every Windows and Mac computer. When you log in, the system drive decrypts, when you lock, the drive is protected again.

iOS: Similar to Mac, plus heavy sandboxing, preventing most apps to ready memory areas reserved for others.

Android: Similar as iOS. I may be mistaken, but I remember that SD cards were not encryption by default.

EN uses industry standard transport encryption to / from the server. On the server content is encrypted. EN holds a key, used for automatic processes like OCR and search indexing.

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