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Long note scroll bar



I'm having right now some notes that have a bigger length that usual.

I think it would be better if a scroll bar exists to know where I am in the document in a particular moment.And also use this scroll bar to scroll quicker.

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On iOS, when I scroll a litte, a scroll bar shows up to the right (very tiny). It disappears again when I stop moving the screen.



And that tiny scroll bar CANNOT be manipulated!!! I can't drag it at all.

All it does is indicate where in the note you are.

I really need a way to quickly navigate to the BOTTOM of a long note that I continually add to the end of.

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It is possible to drag it - but I agree it is no easy job.

What helps is when the note title does not show any longer at the top of the screen. It seems the (invisible) title field overlays the scroll bar.

So first scroll down a little, then try again.

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