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"Add to Evernote" update issues: Bring back option to choose clip style, don't auto-open app



I'm very frustrated with the new version of the "add to Evernote" button that appears in the Share menu from other apps, such as web browsers. The ability to quickly choose whether I wanted to clip the content as a link or full page is incredibly useful, I really want that option back.

Also, the fact that saving a clip automatically opens the whole Evernote app on top of whatever I was sharing from is VERY annoying, it causes lag and interrupts my workflow. I get that sometimes you might want to annotate your new clip right away, but you can include it as an option on the clipper popup box without forcing it to open every time. 

And lastly, I do like the option to be able to set the notebook and tags right away while clipping, but the search-and-checkmark method feels clumsy and should include the ability to add a new tag instead of only choosing from your existing list. 

That said, I do still really appreciate the usefulness of this app and all the work you do on it! I just really wish you would make sure that the new features you add improve on what exists without removing anything that already works (like, I know it's been fixed now but the fact that there was an update that removed widgets is total BS, that update should NOT have been rolled out to non-beta users until widgets were put back in). 



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The new app needs to be open(ed) to import any new shared stuff. Maybe it is because of the underlying framework.

From my iOS experience there should not be many clips waiting to be imported. There is a certain risk that if one import goes bad, the others are lost as well.

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