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Interesting "Lock" icon when moving notes

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There is an interesting lock icon that displays and disappears when moving a note. It happens in a blink of an eye. I filmed at 120 frames a second to get this image. 

Possible future ability to lock notebooks? Anyone know what this is?


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I've also seen that. And, the notebooks with the locks are sometimes listed multiple times, some with the lock and some without. Sometimes there are four listings for the same notebook. I have to choose the "correct" one of the four and then usually two are checkmarked as selected. This was with a new install on a new Samsung S21 Ultra. So far, I've been able to move the note as desired, even though the notebook list is very weird looking.

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This happens to me frequently in the Windows client. The application is "locking" the notebook while some background action is going on, I suppose, preventing that notebook from being used.

Sometimes the lock stays on for a lot longer. I have seen locks that persist for more than a few seconds. Very annoying when you are in the middle of an action, having to wait for the lock to go away

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I just did. I have the following problems in my android app version 10.12

  • my most important notebook disappeared from the notebook overview
  • When I want to move a note, one or more notebooks are locked
  • When a open a note in one of the locked notebooks, the place where the name of the notebook should be is empty (so weird)
  • So the Android app is pretty much useless at the moment
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Technical support did some suggestions, but that didn't fix the problem. They can't help any further at this point. They suggested going back to legacy 8.13.3 version and so I did.

I am happy to go back because I also had other problems. When I searched by label it only showed a few of the possible results??! When I search on a whole title, not all notes appear.

Another weird thing is that my total number of notes in the desktop version does not match the web/android version. I synced many times.

It's such a pity. I always loved Evernote, but I am experiencing more and more problems. 

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