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Request: Group/ungroup different types of content blocks (so they can be moved together)

Stacey Harmon


Much like Keynote lets me "group" objects together so that I can move them around the slide, I'd like to be able to "group" content blocks together in a note so that when I move them within the note, or cut/paste them to another note, they stay together.

If you were able to offer this, of course I'd want the ability to "ungroup" them too.

With this functionality, I could, for example, during a meeting, insert a picture of something in the meeting note (maybe a picture of a slide from a presentation I'm watching), then add my thoughts about the slide in text or bullet point form under it, add an internal note link to a supporting note that has details about something in the picture, and add a couple of actionable tasks to it too.

Then, I could group them together, and have the freedom to move this "block" of related content anywhere in the note, or cut/paste it as a group to another note.

This would be so awesome! Probably not easy to accomplish, but really awesome. So, putting it here as a wish.

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