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I am using (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on Desktop Win 10 x64

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The „correct“ version of the latest release of the 6.x software you find here:

All pre version 10 software is end of life and not developed any longer. The actual version of the Windows client would be 10.15.6, if I remember correctly.
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Thank you. I'm not sure how O got this version. I have been with DP since it stared and an Premium.

I cannot see how I get the latest Win 10 version as I want the latest there is.  Doesn't seem to be anything in Account.


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Okay was able to update at least on one of our PCs to the latest10+ and wow it certainly is different cosmetically to say the least.

One thing I miss is the Sync Button top left and a Sync option in Tools and the word count at the bottom.

Hard to know if it has Synced.

Where are these options now?

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Sync button: Heavily requested, we have to wait and see if EN reacts. EN say it will always sync automatically. From my observation upsync is pretty solid, but it sometimes takes long with changes on the server to downsync.

Word count AFAIK is gone, maybe it will return, maybe not. I use (Mac) little helper tools that do the count for me when I select a text.

About the look & feel: EN version 10 is completely new. Coded in JavaScript, running embedded in a framework (like a browser, just not visible to the user).

It is still evolving, you can install „legacy“ side by side for missing features. Just don’t work on the same Note at the same time on both installations.

Use the EN help pages, check the forum. I would start with the release notes for the new version on the help page, explaining what as fundamentally changed. With each new release (currently every month ! ) features are added - EN staff writes good release notes to tell what was added, and what was fixed.

Have fun !

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Like PinkElephant, I've been running (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on Desktop Win 10 x64 all this time, with nary a whimper from it about being out of date. Even now, if I check Help/Check for Updates, I'm told that there are no updates available, and I'm running the latest version. That, well, sucks.

Evernote No updates.png

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