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Where is the Audio Record (local storage)?

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I recorded an audio that exceeded the maximum size and a popup told me that a copy has been saved to my local storage, but I can't find it anywhere.

It was really important to me, it was an idea of an entire song, and I think it was my best work.

I recorded it on my android smartphone (Xiaomi mi 9)

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Em 11/06/2021 at 17:37, PinkElephant disse:

As a general rule: Don’t use free accounts for anything professional.

it's not like a pop-up pops up and informs you that you're going to lose all your work if you go over the limit, which is exactly what happens.

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I am on the paid plan called Evernote Plus and the same thing happened (and is happening) to me, but nothing informed me of me exceeding some sort of limit.... the note audio recording allows me to record a voice note for as long as I want and then when I am finished and stop the recording, it says it could not be downloaded and it is saved to my local storage.  This is happening on my Android Moto Z4.  This happened first after a 13 min recording.... I thought maybe there was a minimum length that I wasn't aware of.... so I tried it again and stopped at 5 min.  It let me record the whole thing and then downloaded to the note just fine.  Then the next audio recording that I made was only for about 3 min and after it let me record the whole thing and I pushed stop; it said the same thing as to it could not be downloaded and it was saved to my local storage.  . 

This went on intermittently until I got frustrated. I searched everywhere on my phone that I could think of and I couldn't find anything anywhere. I am in a similiar boat as fabiogonka as I was recording notes for a creative project and was on a roll with some of my best verbal expression, I hope I have not lost it.  





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Dear all, no idea where audio will be saved when it exceeds the limit - which I assume. Maybe there is a folder in the file system called Evernote, to which all files go that are saved from the app. At least it is like this on the iOS client.

EN won’t warn when it hits the upload limit, because it is busy recording at that moment. The limit is not controlled by the app, it is done by the server. So it stands what I wrote above: Don’t use the free app for anything professional.

Even in the subscription levels, the note size is still limited. Especially on the free plan you can run into the monthly limit of 60MB pretty fast as well. 

Personally I use the app JustPressRecord for Audio takes. A benefit: It makes the transcription, and allows to share both (audio file plus text transcript) into EN for storage and retrieval.

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Under there, organize folders by date and you will see the recordings have these longer file sizes and names like:   78b98f878f9fc11a1f223c6c15f7848b

Click rename and add a ".wav" at the end of it.   Now you can play them.

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Thanks @Alex Acutain. Unfortunately the questions are regarding the Android app. Not the Windows desktop which you refer to.

I don't use Evernote to record audio. I'd use one of the better recording applications.

My first place to look would be the default Android Download directory. Unfortunately Android is notoriously difficult to navigate searching for app data.

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Hey EverNote, is there any setting in iOS to set where audio recordings may reside if they drop from the note? I have found some audio (by accident) that didn't save in the note, but were possible to upload. I have no memory of where I found them, but I do recall that I did find them.

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