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Moving a Note to a different Notebook not working

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When I try to move a note to a new notebook by using the shortcut, my main notebooks i greyed out and I cannot click on it. However, I can drag the note to the notebook successfully. This just started happening today. Any idea what is causing the problem?

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I'm having this issue as well.  The grey'ed-out notebook also has a lock icon next to it.  Nothing is clickable.  When I right-click on the notebook none of the context options appear to address this issue (I'm looking for "unlock" or "properties" or something similar).

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It looks like something related to the app having to phone home to get some kind of an answer - permissions?  Anyway, bottom line is that it takes time and the functionality isn't available at first.  Poor design...  Very disappointed...

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It is not calling home to ask permissions - the action itself is performed on the cloud server. There is no local database as in the legacy client. The local database only supports you when offline.

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I've noticed similar behaviour as @Kelly M. – notebooks take about 10 seconds to unlock before the move operation can be completed.  Once they have been unlocked they remain that way for the session, but it is annoying to wait that first time.

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