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Button to add task (once text entered) can obscure some text on Android



It appears that the arrow button that you tap to actually add a task on Android is positioned over the text box where you enter a task's description.  If the text reaches the button, it then goes beneath it (which I didn't realise to begin with) until it's long enough to go onto the next line.  If the word at the end of the first line is short, it can be completely obscured by the arrow button!

(I couldn't find anywhere to report this little bug so put it on here - I hope that's OK!)

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It is the primary use. When the first released v10, they went rapidly inundated, recovered since, nowadays reaction time is pretty good. When you Drop it during their office hours, sometimes within a few hours.

For smaller things there is as well the support chat option, on the EN web site, which is practically instantaneous.

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