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Is there a way to have text to talk from a note on Win 10 PC?

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1 hour ago, ozstar said:

Yes I have TTS working now with EN in Edge but would like to get TTS working in Android with EN.

Any ideas please ?


Check the Play Store for Android TTS readers - there's nothing in Evernote,  but the app just displays text like any other browser.  You might find Google Assistant can find a note and start the necessary app to read it too...

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Thank you. Yes I have tried a few on the Store but so far nothing reads Ev Notes.

Shame they don't have the TTS  option as I am sure it would be very popular.  Maybe in the future.

I'll keep looking.

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Just looked it up in iOS. 

There text to speech is a standard option of the OS, available for the whole device and all apps. It can be activated in the accessibility settings.

I am not sure about Windows, but maybe it offers something similar. Apart from apps that have speech / text conversion as their key feature, most apps rely on 3rd party solutions or on the OS to perform that job.

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Yes, it'd be great for Win to have it but I think as you say, they rely on 3rd apps although using Edge with EN I can do it okay. It does read the notes okay.

Just need it to work in my Samsung Android now. I've tried a few apps but so far none reads the EN note.

Thanks for the help

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