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(Archived) Use Case- Need some ideas

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I have a use case and want some feedback or ideas about how to use Evernote in this educational setting. This is for a Pharmacy Course, where the students are given a case to do. They receive a document with some basic data about a dummy patent (diabetes), symptoms, etc. They must then determine what test results to request, and other things to develop a medication therapy plan for the patient. The faculty member used to just give out the case, and then a second document with all of the information on it. What she wants to do, is be able to use her TA's to provide only the student requested data, when requested. So, if 1 group of students never asks to see AICI levels, that information would not be given to them.

Students are using a variety of smartphones and iPads, but they also have desktops available to them. The faculty and TA's are using iPads and computers.

Any thoughts about how to make this work? Appreciate all input! Thanks!

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Based upon what you've presented, here's what I would suggest.

Teacher creates a notebook "Pharmacy course". In the notebook, teacher creates tag "Test case 0010 - Diabetes".

(I like numbering by 10's b/c it makes it easier if you want to insert something in a list between existing tags. Yes, you can easily rename tags but if you want to insert something between 1 & 2 out of 10, you have to renumber 2-10. If you simply add 0015 between 0010 & 0020, it's much easier.)

Then I'd create the patient info note & title it "Patient Info" & tag it with the tag "_Test case 0010 - Diabetes - patient info".

Then I'd create a note for each test result & title it appropriately. IE "Diabetes test result - AICI levels" & apply the same tag.

Now, when you search on all notes with the tag "Test case 0010 - Diabetes", you will get all notes for this test case. Sorting alphabetically by title will put the patient info up top (b/c of the underscore in the title) and all the test results below it, in alpha order.

There are two ways for the teacher to pass along the info to the TA. One is to simply use the account for course info & give the TA the login & password. The second is for the teacher to make the notebook a shared notebook & to share it to the TA. The second option requires the TA to access the shared notebook via the web client. (At least for now.)

Then, when the TA is to distribute patient info, they email (from Evernote) the patient info. As the TA is requested for test results by the students, they email the test results from within Evernote. The downside is that since EN does not currently interact with any contact database, you have to copy/paste email addresses.

This is a first pass. As the day goes on, something else my pop into my head.

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BurgerNFries wrote:

The downside is that since EN does not currently interact with any contact database, you have to copy/paste email addresses.

Another drawback is there is no history to show who was sent an Evernote email.

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Thanks for these ideas. It sounds lie a reasonable way to look at this.

I am meeting with the faculty on Monday, and hope to have a variety of ideas to present as to how to make all of this work.

I believe the students work in groups. I was thinking that the faculty could create a notebook for the case, and a shared notebook, one for each group of students. In the case notebook (only shared between faculty and TA) she places all of the documents that the students will be requesting. The TA's and the faculty have full access to all of these notebooks (shared). The base case is placed into each groups notebook. The students make requests for data and info via email or ????. Then the TA and/or faculty can move the the requested documents, from the course notebook to the group's notebooks as requested. So the group's folders act as the source for all of the material that they need. It simulates, to a degree a patient chart, which wasn't the purpose, but an OK additional thing.

But is it possible to move notes to other notebooks, while leaving it in the source (course) notebook? My experience is that I can change the notebook a note is in, but I guess what I want is to be able to push copies of notes, from the course notebook out the group notebooks.

I suppose another way to go might be to create notebooks for each document. Each group has an evernote account as well as the faculty and TA's. The faculty starts by sharing the base case notebook with all the groups. Then as each group requests data, the faculty or TA shares those notebooks with the group.

Does that make sense?

There will be 10-12 groups, so the inability to be linked to a contacts list won't be that big of an issue.

A major goal of this assignment (past the skills and knowledge competencies included) is to find ways of helping students learn to use their smartphones and other devices to gather and evaluate data. So, the Evernote capabilities used have to keep that in account.

Another method we are thinking about for this, is to use the App, Bump. Each group "bumps" with the faculty or TA to get the case transferred from the faculty iPad to the student's device. Then, when they request data, the TA or facuty simply pass that document via Bump onto the group's device. This is a clean and simple way to go, except Bump doesn't allow the transfer of PDF's. So we are going to try saving the documents as JPEGS.

A problem with the Bump approach is that some work on the case will be done in-class, but this doesn't allow for the transfer of data outside of time when the faculty and students are face-to-face.

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Why do you need Evernote?

Just send the info to the student's email seems to be the easiest solution.

Because email is a fairly poor method for file transfer? Because we are looking to find new ways of students interacting with content. Because email is student specific, and this project is done via groups. Because I was looking for some mechanism for shared folders/ resources that are both available to the faculty and the students. Email would simply be a way to send files.

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