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Expiry date feature for sharing notes to others



Hi all, 

I share a lot of notes with my friends, families, professors, my Linked In networks, and so on. I was enjoying how convenient to share notes with a lot of people with ease until I realized how messy it got into. 

First, I continue to work on a few of my notes which I have already shared with others. The issue is when I revise my second version of my notes, I don't want others to see my updated notes. Yes, apparently I can see the share status of the notes when I write but when I have hundreds of notes which is shared, I am out of track. 

So, I request a feature where we can set an expiry date and time for the link which we are sharing. 

Furthermore, I would like to know how you people are managing the shared notes.  

Thank you 

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I moved your feature request to a votable feature request forum to test for support from other users,  as well as see what others think.

I'm not necessarily clear exactly why you're so free and easy with the sharing,  but I tend to do it differently.  If I'm sharing notes with one person for something unique to us,  I'll share a notebook.  Anything to be shared goes into that notebook.  Other things I'm working on that are not ready for sharing I'll keep somewhere else - including edits on anything I've already shared;  use a copy of the shared note to make changes. 

If I share notes with multiple others,  the content that I've shared goes into a 'shared' notebook so I don't accidentally edit or delete it - and again anything not ready for sharing or to be edited after being shared is copied,  if necessary,  and kept elsewhere.  I do share items which get updated from time to time - they're just edited in place.

Shared notes can be copied into the share-ee's notebooks,  so there's no absolute control;  but from time to time you can go through all your shared notes by sharedate and created date to review the older ones,  and delete shared notes or notebooks that are no longer required.

EDIT:  For completeness this is an answer I gave to a slightly different question here about sharing...

There are a few ways you can share multiple notes with others, depending on their familiarity with Evernote and the level of security you need on the note.

1- The easy way - just Share in Evernote https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005417-Share-notes https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314748-Share-notebooks - your users need to be familiar with Evernote usage

2- Public shares - (obviously not for anything confidential) Share all the notes publicly and 'note' (sorry for the pun) their public URLs. Create one or more Table of Contents notes according to the logic of your note-tree. Replace the links in those notes with the public links. Add a link back to the top level ToC to every note. Email a link to the top ToC to your users and sit back and let them browse their mini-website.

3- via a Third Party App Have a look at Postachio which will turn a notebook of your choice into a publically available blog. It's customisable in different ways - and access to the blog can be password protected if necessary. Postachio - https://postach.io/ Example blog (mine) - https://cliffeactual.postach.io/

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I don’t share with that many people, but with some it goes into several  hundreds of notes. I found it works best for me to set up a notebook for any person / group of my „regulars“. To share I move a note into that notebook, or duplicate it there. To unshare I remove it, or send it into trash.

An automatic expiration date (as it is possible with many cloud services) would be a good addition to the sharing feature.

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