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Can you edit the default New Note templates?

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I have been searching and haven't found any articles on if it is possible to edit the default New Note templates. I would like to change some of the text as I end up editing each one. I relealize that I can create my own template out of this and use a new blank note then Open Gallery - My Templates, but it would be great if I could edit this built in one.



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10 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

You can create a note, edit it and save it in own templates. The original ones can’t be changed by user action.

Thanks for the fast response!

It would be great if they could allow that in the future as it would make them more usable to people.


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Templates was introduced with some fanfare, but then sort of sidelined. For speakers of other languages the standard ones are nice to have, not more.

They changed the template buttons on desktop now. Maybe there is more to come.

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