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(Archived) Problems with Motorola Dext on Evernote 2


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Hi All,

The previous version of Evernote was working fine but now that I have installed V2 I get the following error message when I attempt to acess a note

1) Note loading Error

Note content could not be downloaded at this time. Check your network connection and try again later.

2)Web page not avaiable

The requested file was not found. Failed to download ENML for guild: .........

Please can anyone help I really miss using Evernote.

p.s as a fall back can anyone tell me where to get hold of the old version?

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I would recommend you to logout. But you need to wait for a while until it fully deleted your notes from the phone. Or You can delete \Evernote directory from the phone. Go to phone's setting, select application. Click on Evernote, do clear cache and uninstall. You can download our version again (Android's Market has a little "older" version 2.0, if you prefer).

After install, you need to do a full sync and wait for its finish. Then, it should solve your problem.

(P.S. note loading error usually is the network (or Wi-Fi) connection gets interrupted. You can try to click menu\sync again from Evernote's home screen again. It will sync from what it left off)

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