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Selecting Multiple Tags at Once for Nesting and Organization



It used to be that I could select multiple tags at once and nest them under other tags for organizational purposes. Now, in the new update, and this seems to have been a problem since October 2020, there is only the sidebar that comes out and I have to move each tag one at a time. It's extremely tedious. Please bring back the old tag menu. The sidebar is nice for searching, but horrible for organization.

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There may be a timeline on this, and tagging in v10 could for sure need some improvements.

EN does rarely communicate on what they are working (sometimes they mention a few at a „next“ section of the release notes), and from my experience nearly never with a release date. For some bug fixes they have told the release number in advance, which is as far as they will go.

My current workaround is to use the legacy client on desktop for things that v10 does not do. I use it less and less, since v10 is improving. Legacy is part of the transition strategy, not a permanent fix.

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