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Possible SeSecurity issue - I keep getting Two factor authentication text messages for my evernote account

Karthik Sripal


I have been getting more than 15 two factor authentication codes as a text message to my mobile from my evernote account - not sure what causes it and how to stop it

I tried to login to my account and able to see there are no other active  logged on session in my account - Any advice on how to stop these ever flowing text message and how to report this to evernote maybe ?

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Maybe somebody tries to access your account, has the user and password right and now tries on the 2FA ?! He does not get the messages, but you get them.

Is your EN password strong AND unique ? Not used on any other service, not a variation of a password you use in other places as well ? Probably not.

Then this is the moment to change this: Go to your account settings, and change your password to one that is strong and unique.

The 2FAs should then stop, because the hacker is already blocked on entering the password.

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