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Regarding automatic embedding of youtube links?

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Greetings all!

After the last evernote update, evernote has started automatically embedding youtube videos when you link youtube stuff in your browser.
I wish for this to not be the case, anyone has a fix?

Best regards,


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3 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

It was mentioned before, AFAIK no fix in general, like a setting.

The individual video can be set to display as a link, but this means do it in every case. Not a strong workaround, I am afraid.

Is this something being worked on? because that makes the application more or less useless to me

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11 hours ago, HighcardEN said:

Yeah, I strongly dislike the automatic embedding.  Very annoying that every time I paste a YouTube link I have to go into a menu to undo it.

An alternative, which can be done entirely using the keyboard, which you may (or may not) prefer is:


Or another alternative is to use the markup style formatting:


(You need both the square brackets and regular brackets)

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