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EN not updating automatically?

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I originally dowloaded Evernote via the App Store. Yet whenever there is an update available, it doesn't show up in the App Store "Updates". So it never automatically updates. I have to search for EN in the App Store, and then I see the "update" button where the "download" button normally is. That's how I know there's an update available. Anyone know why this is?


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MacOS ?

I don‘t use the AppStore version, since it runs sandboxed. You can use the direct install instead. It has update notifications.

iOS ?

No direct install, updates may take a little due to the AppStore notarizing process. Depends whether auto update is enabled.

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MacOS. Seems like it should work automatically. But it doesn't. Even after an update has been out for say over a month. Even when I click on the updates link in the App Store it's not listed. Why or how is it run sandboxed? And why is that a disadvantage? I'm using an M1 Mac.


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Each Mac app that is installed through the AppStore runs in a sandboxed mode. It would take this thread too far, but in general sandboxing puts all interaction between an app, the OS and other apps under OS control.

This means an action by an app (like sharing) may not work, because it is not permitted by the OS. On the other hand this makes running apps more secure.

In iOS everything runs sandboxed. On the Mac, you can install via AppStore or via direct install, and for some apps both ways. In case of EN you install the very same code, but the AppStore restricts it on execution.

I would give the direct install a try.

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OK. I installed from the download link. So far the only thing I noticed different is that the note "snippets" show some additional info including images. Otherwise the other issues that I'm having seem to be the same. I'm going to search for answers and if I don't find any info, create another post or two.

Thanks for the info.

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