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Offline notebooks can't be accessed when offline

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I was off the grid yesterday, without cellular connection, but had selected some notebooks for offline access. However, the app wouldn't open at all without internet connection. Is that a bug? Or is internet needed to open it? If that's the case, then what purpose do offline notebook downloads serve? 

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You can easily test it: Have everything closed, switch into flight mode, test it.

AFAIK you need to be logged into the App before going offline. It can be closed, but it must have been logged in while online. Don’t log out before going offline.

For me it works (iOS), fully downloaded, no problem when offline.

Make sure the download has in fact been finished. It may take a while. You can check in settings, notebooks, offline notebooks. A grey part of the bar indicates an ongoing download, a green one is the complete portion, non means done (when the switch is on), an indicator that the download is waiting.

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Yes, I have been logged in, made sure the downloads have finished, and have tested it in multiple offline situations, yet the app doesn't open. The only way I can make it work is if the app has been already open before going offline, which is not an expected or ideal functionality. I am not sure how things work on iOS, I am using the Android app. 

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I checked this, forced closed EN 10.10, started flight mode, cold started 10.10 and it worked with my offline notebooks. So I was not able to reproduce.

In fact, it is even faster offline than being online... so some performance issues are caused by design. I would suggest raising a support ticket. 

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This thread is about Android v10, alas one of the mobile clients.

About which sort of client are you talking here, using words like „right-click“ and „open note in new window“ ?

This sounds like a desktop client, not like a mobile one. The handling of offline content on mobile is completely different to desktop.

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No problem.

Offline should work for desktops as well.

When I remember it correctly, you mentioned 32.000 notes (wow).

v10 still seems to have some trouble with very large databases like yours. I would propose to ask support whether v10 desktop will already work in offline mode with this load.

The alternative is to continue with the legacy client, until v10 makes up for the difference.

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