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Missing a few VERY LARGE notebooks

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Has anyone else encountered problems accessing very large Notebooks in the Android client? I have a couple with 25k+ notes which do not show up in the Notebooks list. The notes themselves are visible in the All Notes view, but I can't access the Notebooks themselves at all. This appears to cause other problems with 'sharing' content into Evernote from the image gallery, Chrome, Linkedin, and other apps. I am not able to share into those large notebooks without crashing the Evernote client. I contacted support and was told this is a known issue. Is there a public Jira backlog or issues queue that documents the currently broken or missing features? 

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No such tracking of issues.

It is a known issue that v10 has problems handling very large notebooks. I have not heard there is a fix limit, but probably everything in 5-digit-numbers is (too) much.

You can use a client like legacy to split the notebook - maybe make some as archive and keep one for active use.

Or wait for v10 to catch up - which may take a while. There are still many issues to catch up with, and probably few users with a similar problem.

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