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The naming every picture taken "Snapshot" feature/bug thing...

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A long time ago (years) Evernote made this "upgrade" (or that's what tech support called it) where they gave every picture taken with the camera the exact same name. It only lasted for a couple months before the app reverted to individually named pictures.

However, like a year ago they did it again with all images being named "Snapshot". I've just been kind of waiting for it to revert back but I guess this is here to stay?

Here is a short list of the things this breaks:

  • Drag and drop to the desktop
    • This works fine for the first image but then you get "Destination already has a file named snapshot". Of course you can rename each file after you drop it on the desktop...but why should this be required...what convenience is gained?
  • Save all attachments
    • With this you would also have to rename each one individually, but Evernote managed to fix this by removing the ability to save all attachments...smart.
  • Drag and drop into Outlook
    • This used to work but now you just get a little white square instead of the image. This broke at the same time everything got a single name so I'm assuming they are related but don't know for sure.

I like Evernote. I've been premium since 2008 and I still haven't found anything that is quite good enough to replace it. But that said with the constant adding of things I don't need (Tasks, etc...) while breaking all the things I use on a daily basis I'm really starting to feel like I'm trapped in an abusive relationship. I picture programmers sitting there looking at my usage patterns looking for the next useful item they can take away. "Hahaha...tags are no longer searchable" as they grin and steeple their fingers. "we can do whatever we want to this idiot, he'll never leave!"....

....and so far they've been right :(


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