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Quickly Linking Notes (Backlinks, Wiki Links, etc.)



To preface, I am a huge fan of the new updates to Evernote. I think it's the beginning of new functionality and we are seeing some of that come to fruition. 

I have also been playing with Craft a lot lately (I'm primarily Apple) and it's pretty wonderful. I think there are a couple of killer features that draw me to it. First is the way it can display its notes. (See attached screen shot) There is also a list view and a view where all cards are the same size, but this view is pleasing. 

Second, and the point of this post, is the ability to quickly link notes together. I think we are on the way with the reintroduction of quick switching (which was a vital part of my workflow, and was, until recently, one of the advantages of Craft). I'm not looking for line by line linking (though I think you are close to that with things like the blocking system used with checkmarks, bullets, tasks, etc.), but just note linking. I think tags can work that way, but there is something very nice about having the link directly inline with the note content. It is also nice to see how things are connected together. I feel sometimes I can get lost on everything I have for a particular project and don't have a good handle of what relates to what in it's context. I recognize this may be the way my brain wired, but the rise of a multitude of apps with this feature (and this feature being a prominent part of who they are) indicates it's a popular way of working. 




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Hhhmmmm - you try to explain, but what is the idea of this thread, stripped down to the bones ?

  • Linking notes together ?
  • Backlinking of notes (bi-directional) ?
  • Visual presentation of notes that are linked ?

Maybe you could explain it to me (and maybe others).

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