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clone tags from an existing or currently opened note

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Is it possible to create a new note with a predefined set of tags?

Example: I'm working on a project-note with 5 tags includes place, time, people, project, and department. I want to create a new note, a situation dependent sub-task, with the said tags already applied just like a template?

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Is it possible to do the same on a Mobile device?

I think this is basic requirement the evernote team can work on, when somebody quickly wants to create a new note for the existing project/documents. Template is for a different purpose, I believe.  Moreover now a days mobile devices are even popular than a PC.

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6 hours ago, MohanMathew said:

Is it possible to do the same on a Mobile device?

You have 3 options on mobile:

  1. Create a template for your note(s),  and include the tags in the template as a comma-delimited string - tag1,tag2,tag3 etc.  When you activate the template copy/paste that string into the tag field,  and it should split into separate tags.  The in-note tags are searchable regardless.
  2. Create a 'template' note with standard tags which you can duplicate each time a new entry is required.  Tags will be duplicated too.
  3. Use a text-expander app like Phrase Express Mobile to insert standard groups of keywords as tags.
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20 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Export your ideal 'template' setup as an ENEX file on your desktop. Then double-click the file to generate a new note with exactly that layout.

good hint, thanks. One drawback is, that note is imported into a new notebook - so, some housekeeping afterwards needed.

Your other approaches based on "duplicate note" or "template tag1,tag2" (via copy/paste) sounds promising.

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