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Locked out of Evernote Account



So, I have a bit of a weird case. When I started my Evernote account, I used my school’s google student account (to better organize my work and personal accounts) to sign up. This meant I never made a password. So when I tried to change the email linked to the account, I was not able to since the email they sent to my school email is blocked (not even in spam/junk folder). 
So I’m unable to create a new password. Since I’m out of school, I tried to log back in but I’m unable to since they asked for my password and I never created one since I made my account using Google. On top of that, I can’t receive emails from Evernote through my school email. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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If you are already locked out of your old account, there is one thing you can try:

Create a new account, go to support ( https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action ) , select "account issue" as ticket type, and start a support ticket. You will then have to convince support you are the legitimate user of the locked account.

In general never create an important account by relying on somebody (be it Google, Apple, Facebook or your mother) to create and manage it for you.

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