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How do I archive my emails from Outlook to Evernote?

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In the past I would create a folder in my Outlook Archive and send a month of emails over to Evernote by using the web clipper. Each email would have it's own note so I could easily search and find past messages. I don't see how to do this now with the add-in in Outlook 365 or when I had the legacy version installed and tried to use the old school clipper. How does everyone send large groups of emails to evernote to store them?

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Hi.  I send emails to Evernote individually by creating a 'rule' in my email client that incoming mails from my own email address (ie ones that I BCC'd to myself) are forwarded to my Evernote account email address.  Some also incoming email addresses are also set up that way - newsletters and such.

It works pretty well for me...  Save emails into Evernote

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