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Allow highlight/annotate on clipped web pages

Alex Jay


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Highlighting or editing means changing the web site. To allow this, it needs to be simplified. We can’t expect EN to create an editor for web sites that duplicates all the different editors out there, starting with WordPress and covering all the other CMS tools. Simplifying the site is necessary to make the editor work.

If you want to keep the original, duplicate the note with the clipped content, and simplify the copy,

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Highlighting or editing means changing the web site

That depends on how you want to define it. PDF/Ebook readers or Web annotators allow highlighting and it's not considered "changing" the original material as they are kept separately from the original content.

If you refer to the current implementation you are correct, as it doesn't allow highlighting without editing. I'm just pointing out that it need not be that way (as highlighting is implemented without "editing" functionality in other softwares).

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