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How do I log a complaint

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I use Evernote everyday and I have been trying to log a support issue.  After login the problem  support needed to see my screen.   This took 2 weeks.  

The call lasted 10 mins and they send that they would send over to engineering.   Why did I have to wait 2+ weeks?   

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20 hours ago, Bill D said:

Why did I have to wait 2+ weeks?

Possibly because Evernote introduced a new version recently to their 250M or so users and have been inundated with queries and issues since?  There are no 'by return' guarantees in the T&Cs for email support.  And any complaints would be through the support ticket system you already used - we're a user-supported forum.

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Thanks all.  I don't mean to complain.   I just have been able to get great support from Evernote.    It took 2 weeks to chat with somebody.     The first time they said  it was a problem.  Then I got a request to see my computer.     They missed the first meeting, then asked me to schedule another appointment a week later. She  said they would send it over to engineering and that it was a known problem. But will be looking at it in a couple of  weeks.    OK I won't post here.   I just will change the way I use Evernote until fixed.    It's a printing problem.  You can't print long notes and format correctly


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For me it is no issue to run both clients. I just see myself moving more and more to use v10, because it simply has a better look & feel for me.

But in general, it should and one day must be possible to skip legacy altogether. Still way to go …

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