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Bring Back the Table of Contents



The older version of EverNote, before the major code change update in 2019, had a wonderful Table of Contents feature.

You could just highlight the notes in the topic and then you could generate a table of contents note that consisted of the title of each note.

I'm using EverNote to write a book and the table of contents feature was CRITICAL to help me organize my notes.  But now it's gone!!


Please bring back the table of contents!!!

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TOC is perfectly working with v10, it is just a bit hidden:

  • Select the notes you want to use
  • Create app links for these notes. They are copied to the clipboard.
  • Go to the note for the TOC, or create a new one. Paste the app links there. Done
  • You can use the numbered list to create a numbered TOC, indent it etc. Quite flexible.

If you want to TOC more than 50 notes, you have to do 2 or more cycles, because v10 currently only allows 50 notes to be selected.

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