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Anyone know how to get out of a code block? If I hit return it line breaks inside the block, I tried { } icon to get out of the code block but it removes code formatting from whole block. I'm sure theres a simple way to return to normal formatting after using this?



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What platform are you using? On desktop, I just arrow down to get below the code block if I want to write normal text in a note. I don't know of an easy way to remove code formatting for just part of the block, if that's what you're asking.

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Is there any other way to click below?

The problem with this method is that if the next line is a non-plain block like a heading, you have to clearthe formatting every time. This is very annoying, isn't it?



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The only method I am aware of is a little forward thinking: Enter some returns before inserting the code block above them, to have some empty lines under it. 

Theses will have standard formatting. You can select and change any of them to header if you want to insert a new chapter.

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